Sourcing for the busy summer HVAC season

May 9, 2018

Residential area that needs HVAC repair.

Warmer months mean hotter sales in the HVAC industry, so keeping up with demand is key to customer satisfaction. What's driving this demand? The reality is we can’t live without air conditioning. Today, over 86% of American households have air conditioning, not to mention every office building, manufacturing facility, hospital, school and sports venue. But we’re not alone—the rest of the world is following suit.

Worldwide HVAC demand is growing 10–15%

Today, almost every city dwelling in China has at least one AC unit, and sales are increasing in India and Indonesia at the rate of 10 to 15 percent annually. That translates to more than 700 million air conditioners installed in the next 15 years worldwide—and 1.6 billion (yes, with “b”) by 2050.

As every HVAC manufacturer and technician knows, consumers won’t live without it. An inability to supply either the unit or repair a broken unit within a day or two will lead to lost sales. Such is the demand for air that customers often ignore brand and past performance to get a quick response—regardless of the vendor.

Inventory—let us help you handle the busy season

Your first priority is to have a reliable inventory supply. You need suppliers who understand inventory commitments, options for emergencies and personal customer support. Because during the busy summer cooling season you don’t have time to wait 12 to 16 weeks for delivery.

To keep up with demand, Hartland Controls has a 153,000 square foot warehouse right here at home. It's stocked with electrical controls including OEM-grade and after-market contactors, transformers, relays and capacitors. What's more, as a long-term vendor partner to leading HVAC brands, we're intimately familiar with seasonal demand and inventory requirements. To further support the HVAC market, rely on our Rapid Response Assembly Pods to quickly reconfigure products into the line-ready solutions you need—often same day.

Opportunities for growth

Let the busy HVAC season be an opportunity for growth when you’re prepared with the right product solutions. Fulfilling orders and answering the need for repair parts will lead to increased sales and satisfied customers. Partner with a vetted, trusted supplier and take charge of the busy HVAC season.

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